We Know How to Defend Against Traffic Tickets & We Know How to Do it Well. LET US FIGHT FOR YOU

Traffic Tickets Attorney in Lakewood, Washington

The overriding goal of every traffic ticket we defend and represent is to obtain the best possible result(s) so that the charge(s) involved have the least possible impact on your driving record. As a result, your insurance and/or employment situation should be affected in the least adverse way possible. Obviously, the first goal is to dismiss every charge. Based upon the volume and length of our attorney's experience, we can tell you that is not going to occur 100% of the time.

You need to fight back against your traffic ticket, and we can help. Set up a consultation with our attorney by reaching out to the Law Office of Doug Silva in Lakewood, Washington. We're proud to serve clients all over Washington, including King County and Pierce County.

Fight to Protect Your Driving Record

If dismissal is not going to occur, there are several options available to minimize the impact upon your driving record, insurance rates, employment, etc. Our goal at the Law Office of Doug Silva is to get the best result(s) possible under the circumstances.

Want to Dismiss Your Washington Traffic Ticket?

We understand that depending on the facts and circumstances of your traffic ticket (for example, the charge(s) involved, the specificity of other witnesses, your admission(s), the judge, the court, your driving history, and the prosecuting attorney (if applicable)), these charge(s) may be found to have been committed under relatively low proof standard (preponderance of evidence), and, despite our best efforts, we do not guarantee any specific outcome or the dismissal of the charge(s) involved.

You are responsible to pay the court for any court-ordered fines or costs. You are responsible for complying with any court-ordered conditions and/or completing any negotiated defensive driving classes. However, even with all of those issues, we are very successful at keeping moving violations off of driving records.

Reach out to us to learn more about how we've helped residents throughout Washington, including Lakewood, and the rest of Pierce County, seek to dismiss their traffic tickets. You deserve to move on with your life, so let's get the process started.

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