We Know How to Defend Against Traffic Tickets & We Know How to Do it Well. LET US FIGHT FOR YOU

Client Expectations

If You Hire Doug Silva, What Is Expected of You:

  • Sign and return the Flat Fee Agreement as soon as possible. Time is of the essence in responding to traffic tickets.

  • ​Pay my fees promptly. Prompt payment helps my fees stay relatively low. If you are having problems paying my fee, please contact my office.

  • ​Let us know of any address or phone number changes as soon as they happen. Keeping in contact with clients is essential.

  • ​Answer any questions I have asked truthfully and completely. Please respond in writing.

  • ​Take care of insurance, licensing, and defective equipment problems promptly, and provide my office with proof of compliance.

  • ​If you believe there are facts I need to have for the hearing, please put them in writing or supply me with photographs that will support your case.

  • ​Treat all court personnel with respect, judges and clerks alike.

  • ​In most cases, you will not need to come to court (of course, if you want to, you are welcome to watch my representation of your case). If I need you in court, I will contact you as soon as I see that need arise.