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Attorney Doug Silva

Doug Silva

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Fighting traffic violations is Doug Silva's bread and butter. Over the last two decades, he has navigated contested hearings on behalf of countless clients, making him an exceptional legal partner if you're looking for a true take-charge advocate to lead the way. Unlike his competitors, Doug takes traffic tickets seriously. He will dedicate his time and attention to your case to seek a solution that meets your needs. Put your driving record in the hands of a passionate professional who knows traffic law like the back of his hand. Talk to Doug Silva in Lakewood, Washington, today.


A Traffic Ticket
is Like a Puzzle

We'll put the pieces together & present the full picture to the court.

First, We Gather the Facts

To effectively defend you in a contested hearing, we first strive to gain a comprehensive understanding of the circumstances surrounding your citation. What facts did the officer record at the time of the citation? Are there any technical defects with the ticket issued? Did you make any admissions that have been entered into evidence? We'll seek the answers to all of these questions and more. Identifying a misstep made by the officer or an issue with the ticket itself could lead to a favorable outcome for you.

Then, We Fight for You

Once we have completed an in-depth analysis of your case, we'll be ready to advocate for your best interests in court. Our attorney has over two decades of experience representing clients in contested hearings, so you can rest assured you're in good hands. By presenting a straightforward argument on your behalf, we aim to secure a dismissal of your traffic charge. If a dismissal is not possible, we'll seek another favorable result so you can preserve your driving record and put your traffic ticket behind you.

Want to Challenge Your Traffic Infraction? We're Here to Help.

A traffic violation can involve hefty fines and may even threaten your driving privileges, depending on the number of previous violations on your driving record. Don't accept these consequences—fight back against your ticket with the help of our attorney at the Law Office of Doug Silva. We provide dedicated representation through your contested hearing to help you challenge the driving infraction you were cited for.

In the state of Washington, moving violations have the potential to increase your insurance premiums and lead to license suspension. Some of the most common moving violations include speeding, failure to stop, failure to yield, improper lane change, and improper turn. If you have been cited for a ticket of this nature, it is worth your while to fight the charges.

If you choose to challenge your traffic ticket, a contested hearing will give you the opportunity to prove to the court that you were not guilty of the violation. Our attorney, Doug Silva, is prepared to be your trusted guide through this process. By taking the lead and appearing on your behalf in court, we strive to resolve your traffic violation efficiently and effectively with as few frustrations as possible.

Attorney Silva has been focused solely on defending traffic tickets since 1997. His experience, in-depth knowledge of traffic law, and confidence in court are unmatched. Reach out today to discuss your traffic violation and take action. We proudly assist individuals in Lakewood, Washington, as well as King County, Pierce County, and throughout the state.